The 3 Best Places to Have Storm Shelters Installed in Your Home

steel storm shelter room

Traveling at more than 200 miles per hour, tornados cause devastating damage, obliterating anything that comes in their way. The United States experiences around 1,000 tornados every year, a majority of which occur in Texas. Some sections of the state are even dubbed “Tornado Alley”. It’s a no-brainer to have a steel room in your […]

Crucial Storm Safety Tips For Families With Children

child looking at storm

Tropical storm Isaias, Hurricane Hanna, Potential Storm Nine—safe to say, the following months in the United States are going to be eventful. With the weather system in the U.S. gearing up to be an extra tumultuous stormy season, homeowners are rushing to get the necessities, so they can hunker down, safe and sound. But for […]