3 Questions To Ask Your Contractor When Getting A Safe Room

discussion with safe room contractors

When choosing a contractor for your safe room installation, you should be wary of a few factors, and never hesitate to ask plenty of questions. After all, it’s a change that could cost you the safety of your family and plays a major role in their well-being. Not to mention the high costs of shelter […]

Is A Safe Room Worth Installing?

If you live in Dallas and Fort Worth, it’s probably crossed your mind to invest in a storm safe room for your home, given the frequency of tornadoes and thunderstorms here. But there’s no denying that it’s a hefty expense and one that’s going to require other spending too, such as on minor reconstruction and […]

3 Home Improvements You Should Definitely Make This Year

Plan out home improvements and renovations

Renovating or remodeling your home, albeit stressful, is always exciting and definitely worth taking on. It’s the perfect project to take on if you’re looking to feel productive, make the most of your space, and add improvements that not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but also a functional one.