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Things to Keep in Your Emergency Kit for Storm Shelters

Just moving into a storm shelter when rough weather kicks in isn’t enough. There are different items that you’ll require while you wait out the storm. Your stay inside a storm shelter could last for a couple of days, and most of the facilities outside will also be closed, so it’s crucial to have them all ready before you go inside. Here are the essentials:

Food and Water

These are essential items to keep whenever you’re stuck inside a safe room or storm shelter. Depending on the number of days you might be staying inside and the number of people living in the shelter, you’ll require extra food and water. If there are any children and pets, their food must be stored and be accounted for separately.

Keep food items that do not require a lot of resources to prepare and lasts long. Use both carefully, making sure not to waste either at any moment.


If you’re in a community shelter or further away from home, make sure to keep extra clothing on you. Have enough clothing accessories to keep you warm for the next few days as the weather starts to get better eventually. Protective equipment, such as a helmet to protect your head from suffering any injuries would also be helpful.

Medical and Sanitation Supplies

Someone could likely get hurt during a weather emergency, and it might not be entirely possible or feasible to take the injured person to a medical facility. It’s vital to have medical supplies such as a first aid kit to ensure that primary care can be provided to the injured person. In case of someone having a fever, first aid kits include prescription medicine to alleviate this problem.


Sanitation supplies shouldn’t be overlooked, such as diapers for children, toilet paper, trash bags and hand sanitizer rather than soap to limit wastage.

Don’t compromise on safety. If your area suffers from storms and hurricanes, make sure you’ve got a safe room or storm shelter nearby to keep yourself and your close ones safe. US Safe Rooms develop storm shelters and custom safe rooms, with a great deal of focus toward safety and security.

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