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Tornado Watch And Toddler Care: How To Keep Children Calm During A Tornado

Even with a tornado shelter installed in your garage, which you were able to seal yourself in, just in time, being part of such a frantic, scary scenario is often scarring for children, something that dramatically impacts their recovery process.

So, how do you make sure that your child’s reaction to a tornado is collected and calm?

US Safe Rooms has some tips.

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Managing Your Child’s Reaction During a Tornado

–          Think about Your Reaction

Your children learn how to handle the ways of life by copying you. If you’re frightened enough and are screaming that the sky is falling, your child will follow suit!

Since you’ve already taken the right steps to protect yourself, worrying, and showing your fear will do nothing but exacerbate the situation. So, when a tornado warning is issued, do what you can to minimize any show of fear. Think rationally. You need to take the kids, lock all the doors, grab whatever’s necessary, and head to the tornado shelter.

Follow that plan, and don’t give in to your feelings of anxiety.

–          Explain What a Tornado Is

Children are not as naïve as we think. If your child is old enough to make sense of things, spend your time talking to your child about what a tornado is, why it is dangerous, and what the appropriate actions are. Allow them to ask questions and express concerns. Answer them as best you can, or show them some informative videos on tornadoes so they can learn the science of it all.

–          Prepare Your Kit for Toddler Care

If you have a toddler, it’s best to keep them in your sight if there a tornado watch is issued. Prepare their clothes and diapers, food and water, a few toys and blankets, and a toddler helmet to keep them protected. If it gets dark out, keep them in your arms and do not let them wiggle away. If you’re worried or concerned, your toddler will likely sense your unease and will quiet down.

Head to your tornado shelter and keep it locked. For safety’s sake, buy a pair of toddler-friendly headphones and show them something on a tablet or your phone, if you think they’ll get spooked by all the noise outside.

Don’t Have a Tornado Shelter?

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