Why Schools in Arlington Must Have a Tornado Safe Room

If you own or manage a school in Arlington or any other area in Texas, you need to be aware of the importance of having a tornado storm shelter in your school. Though it’s winter now and tornado season is behind us, the risk hasn’t fully subsided.

If you want to ensure your students’, teaching staff’s, and other employees’ safety during potential tornadoes, the best thing you could do is install a community storm shelter from Safe Room US.

Here are all the reasons why our experts recommend adding a community shelter storm to your disaster management plan.

Enhanced Safety

School management is held responsible for the safety of staff and students when a tornado strikes. This is why we manufacture secure, near indestructible community storm shelters to help administrators protect their communities.

Our storm shelters and safe rooms are engineered while adhering to all FEMA guidelines and ICC 500 codes and are tested to withstand the strong winds of EF-5 rated tornadoes.

Ease of Access

community storm shelter

Another reason you need a Safe Rooms US community shelter is that all our products are engineered with ease of access in mind, including for those with limited mobility. All our storm shelters and safe rooms come with wide and tall entrances, with steel doors that swing on both sides, and hinge right or left.

If your school is located in an area that’s prone to tornadoes, make sure you have a community storm shelter to keep students, staff members, and equipment safe. At Safe Rooms US, we offer a range of storm safe rooms Arlington, TX, including above-ground storm shelter, steel tornado shelters, storm safe rooms, and community storm shelters Texas.

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